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Learn How To

Buy Your 1st Property

in 30 Days

Foolproof Real Estate Investing for Beginners

with REI Fast Track

Secrets & Cheat Sheet

by the Pro's


Super simplified steps so easy anyone can do it!

Taught by Leading REI Expert, Jan Kerr, who has changed the lives of countless investors all across the country by teaching them her amazing and simple secrets to mastering the art of real estate investing.

Jan has not only taught for some of the largest REI Seminar companies in the US, but because of her expertise, these companies have actually paid her to write their curriculum for their bootcamps and paid her to fly around the country to teach them to huge audiences.

According to a recent research poll . . .

When new real estate investors were asked the question,

“So what’s Holding You Back?”

Data shows that most investors surveyed answered . . .


  • Not enough knowledge, experience or training.

  • Fear of failure.

  • Difficulty finding good properties to invest in.

  • Not enough money to invest.

  • Market too competitive or too slow.

  • Analysis paralysis.



Does any of this hit home for you?


But what if you could work 1-on-1 with a Real Estate Investing Pro who could help you through every single step to buy your first property?


What if you could easily overcome every one of these obstacles and avoid the mistakes made by most new investors?


What if you could learn from a Pro, how to dramatically improve your lifestyle and create a legacy to leave your family?

What if you could learn how to be financially independent while having the freedom to be your own boss and work from home?

It All Starts with Our Amazing Master Mentoring Program

Foolproof Real Estate Investing for Beginners

with REI Fast Track

Secrets & Cheat Sheet

by the Pro's

Super simplified steps so easy anyone can do it!

Get Started the Easy Way in

REI Flipping, Wholesaling & Cash Flow Rentals

Jan has broken her proven fast track investing system into simple, easy steps that anyone can follow for success.


In her Mentoring Sessions, she and her investing partner Lori Greene will give you their super simplified Foolproof Real Estate Investing System and answer all of your questions on the spot.


And they will also follow up with you via personal 1-on-1 email support and send you their Cheat Sheet with the entire fast track system in written easy to follow step-by-steps!!!

You’ll Learn

Pro Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts like these:


Step 1: Build a Huge Power Team Quick:

  • Build your foundation for success including agents, investors, cash buyers, wholesalers, lenders, title companies, attorneys, contractors and more within just a few days using our Easy RE Pro Networking System.


Step 2: Set-Up All of the Funding You will Ever Need (even if you have a low credit score):

  • Use Our Private Money Partner System to find the best Private Money Lenders and to turn “everyday acquaintances” into partners to fund all of your deals (you set the terms).

  • Use Our Hard Money Profiler System to find and vet only the very best hard money lenders with the best rates and terms.

  • Learn more creative funding techniques to always use "other people's money" to do all of your investing.


Step 3: Make Good Deals to Come to YOU!

  • Stop spending all of your time trying to find good deals. Make them come to you automatically!

  • Use Our Endless Dealmaker System with our most effective ads and strategies to attract motivated sellers (practically begging you to buy their property at a discount), vacant and distressed properties not listed on the MLS (no competition) and to build a huge team of bird-dogs and investor-friendly Realtors to bring you endless deals.


Step 4: Eliminate Bad Deals Quickly:

  • Use our Quick Elimination Process to narrow down many potential investments to only the Very Best Deals.


Step 5: Do Further Analysis on the Remaining Deals:

  • Use our Seller’s Questions Sheet to interview sellers so you know exactly what to say, what to ask and why.

  • Use our Seller Categories System to put each deal into one of our 3 Seller Categories to determine your offer strategy (Short Sale, Seller Finance or Straight Purchase).

  • Then use our Flip & Cash Flow Formulas to run your numbers as both flip and cash flow rental to determine your best exit strategy (Flip or Buy/Hold/Cash Flow Rental).

  • Use our Wholesale Formula to determine whether a deal will make you the most money the fastest by investing in it yourself or by wholesaling it out to another investor.

Step 6: Do Deeper Due Diligence on the Most Promising Deals:

  • Use our Deep Due Diligence System & Forms so you know exactly who to talk to and what to ask to the city and county departments and to your title company to find all risks, public data, liens, deeds, code violations, zoning issues and more about any property.

  • Use Our Market Research System to find out market strength, neighborhood quality (crime rates, schools, amenities, etc.), average house prices, area rents, vacancy rates and so much more about any market.


Step 7: Get More Offers Accepted:

  • Use Our “Sweet Spot” System to get many more offers accepted by crafting your offer with terms to solve the seller’s critical needs and a purchase price high enough to satisfy them, yet low enough to make you a good profit.

  • Use Our Multiple Choice Offers System & Worksheet to increase the number of offers you get accepted (the more choices the Seller has, the more likely they will find an offer that appeals to them).

Learn How to

Buy Your 1st Property

in 30 Days!

And don't forget that you can order unlimited MLS comps online for all of your potential deals, right from this very website,

Get comps from a local investor-friendly Realtor for the most accurate property value possible.

After years of complaints from thousands of their investing students about the inaccuracies of instant home value estimator websites, mentors Jan Kerr and Lori Greene created Real Estate Comps Today as a solution for their students to get accurate property values quickly and conveniently.

Here's What a Few of Our Real Estate Investing Students Have to Say About Our Mentoring

"It was obvious to me from day 1 that Jan really knew what she was talking about. I know because I had taken several other real estate investing courses over the years. But Jan taught me about things I'd never considered. She has a way of making the weekly steps very clear, detailed and understandable. She taught me so many ways to save time and systems to put things on auto-pilot. There was so much information, but instead of just talking about it like other coaches, she had me out there doing it. Having me put it into the real world throughout the week and making me be responsible for my own results gave me what I needed to get it done. I just sold my first wholesale deal and I am thrilled to pieces. I really feel like I can accomplish anything now." ~ Julie T., Philadelphia, PA


"The 12 weeks I spent working with Lori as my mentor was the best investment I have made to date in my real estate investing business. She took me step by step through the process, not only providing accurate and timely information, but also shared a depth of knowledge and personal experiences that I found most valuable. Since completing that mentoring, I have successfully wholesaled 4 Single Family Homes, and have two fix and flip projects actively underway. This was truly a coach that I would highly recommend." ~ Frank W, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Isn't a Lifetime of Real Estate Success Worth One Small Initial Investment?

Isn't it Time for You to Finally Live the Lifestyle of Your Dreams?

Order One of Our Affordable Pricing Options and Start Your Financial Success Today!

Foolproof Real Estate Investing for Beginners

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