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About Real Estate Comps Today

find comparable home sales, how much is my house worth instantly

Our Network of Agents Volunteers covers every market area in the U.S., even rural areas.


Every agent in our network has voluntarily opted into our program, ready and eager to pull your comps and help you find your accurate house value.


Once your order is completed, it will be immediately sent to an agent who specializes in the local market of your property.


Our local agents have personal insights about the neighborhood and the condition of the properties that the databases and algorithms of instant home value estimator sites could never know.

The agent will personally pull your comps and email them to you. The agent may also contact you to confirm information or special instructions about the property and its particular features in order to make sure you get the best possible comps.

The co-founders of Real Estate Comps Today have been real estate investors, mentors and public speakers for over 20 years, having worked with thousands of investors throughout the U.S.


As real estate coaches, the most common question we get from our students is: “Where can I get house comps in my area? Can I get them online”?

The answer has always been, “No”. We've had to explain to thousands of people over the years that there is no reliable, accurate place online for them to get MLS comps from an agent.


The one and only way to know you are getting good, reliable, accurate comps is to get them from your real estate agent.


Because of the overwhelming demand for this service, we've now created a website that allows people to go online and request comps for any property, nationwide, for a very small fee.


In the process of solving this problem for our clients, we've also learned that everyday homeowners and buyers who don't yet have an agent are very excited to use this service as well.


Jan Kerr

Lori Greene

Jan Kerr and Lori Greene

Co-Founders and Managers of Real Estate Comps Today

Jan Kerr is a Public Personality and Manager of Fulfillment and Day to Day Operations for She has been a successful public speaker, real estate mentor and coach for literally thousands of RE investors over 19 years for several nationwide seminar companies.

Jan is also, President of 4 Today, Inc., an online nutritional company since 1997 and spent 10 years in the decorating business prior to that.

Jan is passionate about family relationships, real estate, nutrition, decorating, communication and customer service. If she takes on a project, no matter how new and challenging it may be, she has the focus, persistence and determination to see it through to her vision of success.

At the age of 8, Jan fell in love with architecture as she was visiting her grandparents at their historic 1906 home in Ogden, UT. That led her to drafting classes and then architecture at a college right out of high school.

“I am a person who thrives on variety, change, human interaction and color. I began retail work at a decorating store where I worked my way up to management. I will always be grateful for those stepping stones that taught me so much about running a business and managing people.

“ I started my first business in 1994, a liquidation company which I named Cheerful Enterprises. My sister hated that name because it didn’t sound professional, but it was me. I lived on the corner of Cheerful Drive and Paradise Lane!

“The seminar company who had sold me the liquidation business hired me as a business coach the following year. That coaching job evolved through several other companies. In 2017 after 6 years with one seminar company, they shut the whole thing down leaving me with an opportunity to create my next great idea.

“It was 3 weeks later while getting ready for my 2 year old nephew’s birthday party that I had the brilliant idea for I was so excited to tell my sister about it that I got there early. She loved it and we made a plan to launch it by January 2018. We made our deadline!”

Lori Greene is a Writer, Artist and a Marketing Director for She is a Real Estate Investor, and Mentor who has always had an Entrepreneurial Spirit. Despite being a hopeless workaholic, she also manages to find plenty of time for her many creative and personal passions as a Singer Songwriter, Creative Writer, Gourmet Health Food Chef, Health & Wellness Enthusiast, Mom and Grandmother.


Lori got her degree in Commercial Art at the age of 21, which led to a career as a graphic designer in her younger years. That career opened up the doors to other creative fields such as advertising, marketing and photography.


Over the years she’s used those talents to start her own various businesses like a fine art gallery, a property management company, a life coaching practice, a real estate investing career, a real estate mentoring business and finally


Lori now lives in her dream house by the lake in the beautiful mountain ski town of Huntsville, UT in the family-built 9 bedroom home. This is where she runs her businesses while living a full life with 4 generations of family in her home including the loves of her life, her grandchildren.


“I feel like all of my life long experiences were merely the stepping stones to the perfect business for my family. My sister Jan and I started out in the real estate business together and it all perfectly led to our big ‘ahha’ moment, which was the birth of


“And we couldn’t have done it without our mom. She was always the bread winner and caretaker in the family too. She is the one who instilled in us since we were little, that we can become anything we can dream of.


“My sis and I have so much fun running this business together. That’s why we put so much heart into taking care of our precious customers.”


Lori and Jan make a great team because Lori’s the shy, behind the scenes tech person and her sister is the natural salesperson.


But even though Lori can be shy in public, she admits she’s got a wild and crazy side with family and friends and she’s pretty darn funny when she’s had a glass of wine. She loves vivid colors, amazing clothes and being in love with life.

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