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Why Our Clients Give Us High Ratings & Reviews

Our clients love our comps service mostly because of the convenience.


The challenges for consumers in finding an accurate home value within a reasonable amount of time include:

  1. Not knowing how to find an accurate property value besides a costly appraisal.

  2. Consumers getting a wide range of property values from instant home value estimator websites like Zillow, leaving them confused and uncertain of their actual property value.

  3. Many consumers not understanding that local real estate agents are their best resource for finding an accurate property value quickly because of their MLS access, experience with, knowledge of and insights about the area, the market and the property features, conditions and values that data sites like Zillow could never know.

  4. Some consumers understanding that agents are their best resource for an accurate property value but not asking an agent for their expertise because they don't know who to call, what to say or because they feel more comfortable with using the internet vs phone calling.

  5. Consumers calling several agents for help and getting no response because not all agents are willing to run comps reports and analysis for consumers.


In our experience, although not all agents are willing to run comps reports and analysis for consumers, there is a huge market of agents who are very willing because they are in search of, yet having difficulty with, building relationships with potential customers who are thinking about buying or selling real estate.


To fulfill this high demand for both consumers and agents we have created:

  • A National Network of Real Estate Agent Volunteers in every market in the U.S. who are very willing and ready to fulfill customer orders for property comps, thereby saving the consumer time and frustration while providing them with the most accurate house value within a short period of time (usually within about 1 business day).

  • An online service in which consumers can order real estate sales comparable reports (AKA, comps) from a local knowledgeable real estate agent volunteer using our website and without having to contact an agent directly.


How our Business Method is Unique from others:

  • To our knowledge, no other business does what we do, the way that we do it, with such attention and assistance to the customer on the accuracy of their property value analysis and on a national scale.

  • The ability for consumers to order comps online from a local agent without having to contact them directly.

  • Our National Network of Real Estate Agent Volunteers who are ALL willing to run comps reports for consumers in hopes of building a relationship with them.

  • Our unique agent assignment process.

  • Quality Control and Customer Support

  • Terms and conditions agreement with guidelines for quality comps report which agent volunteers must agree to before joining our network.

  • Our inspection of each and every comps report to ensure the highest quality.

  • Our facilitation and assistance in the process until the customer has been delivered the highest quality comps report and service.

  • Notification updates to the customer on the status of the process until completion and satisfaction.


Real Estate Comps Today has raised the bar on the quality, convenience and timeliness of Comps Reports and CMA’s nationwide!

5 star reviews.
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