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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Answers to our Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us at and we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

How much does your service cost?


A CMA Report (Comparative Market Analysis) is $18.98 and the most accurate comps report which includes side-by-side comparisons of nearby sold properties with maps, photos and analysis, giving you the most accurate estimated value for your property.


A consultation with a property value expert is $38.98 and makes a great add-on to a CMA for the most in-depth value analysis possible.

Pro packages for frequent users are $98/mo for up to 10 CMA Reports/mo (48% Off).


For all of the details about our pricing packages, Visit Our Pricing Page.


Is the price per comp or per report?

And how many comparables are in a report?


The prices for comps are per report, not per comparable property.


The number of comparables in a report depends on how many similar properties in the area of your property have sold recently. The report may contain 3 or more comparables. In some cases your report may contain up to 20 or more and in rare cases fewer than 3.


We do instruct our agents to include all properties sold within the last 6 months and within 1/2 mile (unless it’s a very rural area with few houses in a mile, then we instruct them to go further out) and to include a few active listings and expired listings to give you as many comparables as possible.


In some rare cases where no results appear within one year, we will go back further and assist with any adjustments for natural appreciation or market corrections.


What information will be on the comps report?


Available information varies by region based on what the MLS system of that area considers standard and the seller’s willingness to make certain information available.


The information that will be included on your comps report depends on the MLS system which covers the area of your property and what the sellers of the comparable properties chose to include in their property listings.


Each MLS region has its own MLS system and they are all a little different from one another. But in most cases there will be details for the subject property and all comparables usually including: address, asking price, sold price, sold date, days on market, square feet, year built, bedrooms, bathrooms, other rooms, garage and parking spaces, lot size, property features such as fireplace, deck, pool, landscaping and many other features and characteristics.

How long does it take to get my report?


Our goal is always for reports to be delivered to customers via email within about 1 business day. However, there may occasionally be an instance when an assigned agent can’t get the report to the customer within one business day.


The good news is that we do closely monitor the status of each and every order. In the case that the agent informs us they are not able to deliver the report within the agreed upon timeline, we will notify you of when you might expect to see it delivered.


In the case that the agent accepts the order but then isn’t responding to status requests after a missed deadline, we will then re-assign your order to another agent and monitor the status of that report delivery. We will continue this process until you have received your comps report.

How does your process work?


After submitting your order form . . .

  • You receive an email confirming your order has been received.

  • Your order is assigned to an agent in your area ASAP.

  • You receive another email with the name of your assigned agent and a timeline in which you can expect to receive your report.

  • We also receive a copy of your comps report at which time we personally inspect it for quality.

  • You receive another email from us about our opinion of the quality of your comps report.

  • You look over your comps report and ask us or your assigned agent any questions you may have about the report.

  • You go to our reviews page and leave us a review about the great service you received! :)


Do you have customer reviews I can read?


Yes, of course. We have many 5 Star Reviews on our Reviews Page.


Here is one example:


“We needed a third party opinion on property value. After researching the options on Google it became apparent that the websites offering free analysis were likely inaccurate for our needs. Real Estate Comps Today looked like an excellent service for the price so we decided to try it. Jan was very responsive to our special needs and took the time to find the right local realtor to create the report. If ever we need such a service again Jan will be the one we call. She is professional, competent and provides high value.” ~ Robert R., Bloomington, IN

Can I see some sample comps reports?


Yes. To view or download sample reports, just go to our Example Reports page. From these example reports you’ll see page after page of property details.


But do keep in mind that the information included on your comps report will depend on the MLS system which covers the area of your property. Each MLS region has its own MLS system and they are all a little different from one another.


The demo report is only one example from one MLS system in one area. Yours may look different than this example but should have similar information.

What information will I receive in a consultation?


Every consultation is customized to suit the needs of the client.


We will ask you about your plans and what you are hoping to accomplish. We will then advise you based on your needs, whether that means just translating the report into plain English for you to understand all of the data or just giving you advice as to what price to offer or ask or anything else you need help with.


We can even help with things like how to lower your property taxes, how to increase your home value or determining whether or not a property has any profit potential as a rental property or a buy/fix and sell property.


How accurate are your comps reports?


Using a Local Real Estate Agent is THE most accurate way to get a property value, especially when compared to instant home value sites who use outdated public data and algorithms.


That’s why we only use only Licensed Local Agents who live in your area to help you find an accurate home value. All of the agents we use have voluntarily opted-in to our National Network of RE Agent Volunteers.


There's nothing more accurate than pairing actual MLS comps with an agent’s personal knowledge of the area, except maybe a costly appraisal. And the fact that some banks and lenders are now ordering CMA's from us instead of using appraisals confirms that a CMA can often be as accurate as an appraisal.

Do I have to talk to an agent or sign a contract with them?


No, absolutely not. We will contact the agent for you.


After delivering your comps via email, your agent will offer further assistance. Then it's completely up to you if you'd like to take them up on their offer.


And you can order comps as often as you like. That's the beauty of our service. There is no pressure from our agents.


The goal of our agent volunteers is simply to build relationships in hopes of providing you and your friends with their services now or sometime in the future.


And again, that’s totally up to you. No expectations whatsoever.

If you can’t find any comps for my property or if I’m not satisfied with them, can I get my money back?


We don’t have an actual money back guarantee because it is rare that we can’t deliver a good amount of quality comps to a customer.


In fact, we only had 2 instances in our first entire year where we decided to refund a customer’s money because we couldn’t find good comps for them.


The first time was in Puerto Rico in September 2018 right after the hurricane destroyed the area and many of the agents had left the state.


The second time was when an investor was searching for comps in an area where many of the houses had been demolished.


In every other case, we were able to deliver a high quality comps report within a reasonable amount of time.

If I order Basic Comps, how do I figure out my house value?


You should start by choosing the comparables most similar in age, size and features to your subject property and in closest proximity to it.


From there you can narrow down the comparables by choosing the ones most similar in condition to your property. You can get an idea of the condition of a comparable property at the time it sold by looking at any available photos in it’s listing.


If the comparables you’ve chosen are all similar in condition, then an average of their sold prices would be a good way to determine your property’s value.


If conditions vary, you must decide which properties are most similar to yours in condition and then use an average of those sold prices for your property value.


Can I get comps in rural areas?

What cities and states do you cover?

Are you national?


Yes we are national. You can get comps for anywhere in the United States. Just keep in mind that in some rural areas where houses are far apart or markets are slow, there may not be as many comparable sales as there would be in an area with many more houses per mile.


How often can I order comps?

Is there a limit?


There is no limit to how often you can order comps reports. You can order as often as you like for as many properties as you like. That is just one of the reasons why our service is so popular among homeowners and investors.


Do you have a monthly discount membership?


We do have monthly discount memberships for frequent users. For all of the details about our pricing packages, Visit Our Pricing Page.



How many agents do you have?


Our agent network is constantly growing. We can’t give an exact number because it changes everyday. But we can tell you that we do have enough agents to cover every market in the U.S. and we are always on the look-out for more. We feel that there is no such thing as too many good agents to choose from.

Are you real estate agents?


No. We ourselves are not real estate agents, but all of our reports are produced by licensed real estate agents local to the market of the subject property. We are simply a service which facilitates consumers and agents.


Because we have been real estate investors, mentors and speakers for over 20 years, we have naturally built relationships with many real estate agents all across the country. And now agents from all over are finding out about us and volunteering to provide comps reports for our customers in order to build relationships for potential future business.


The whole reason we created this service is to assist consumers by making it easy for you to get a fast and accurate house value via a comps report from a reliable agent in your area without having to contact them yourself. We do all of that for you. Your Welcome!


Aren’t you just an agent referral service?

What makes you any different from other agent referral services?


We are not an agent referral service. What makes us different from agent referral services is that we do so much more than just refer to you an agent. We actually take the lead by finding and assigning your comps order to an agent in your area.


We get very involved in the whole process of making sure your comps report is of the highest quality by giving the agent specific instructions as to the content we want to see in the report and we work with them to determine a deadline so your reports are delivered in a timely manner.


We are all about providing you with a stellar customer experience. And that is why we have such high Reviews.


How do you choose which agent to assign to a comps order?


We first narrow it down to the agents in the MLS region of the customer’s subject property. Then we rotate through that list of agents.


This process gives equal opportunities for our agent volunteers to help our customers. And it gives our returning customers the luxury of trying out the services of several agents to see who they like best.

Can I get comps on undeveloped land lots?


Yes. In most cases our agents are able and willing to do the necessary research to provide comps for vacant lots.


The agent's ability to provide comps for these kinds of parcels will depend on how much information you can provide, especially if the lot has not yet been assigned an official address. If additional time for research is needed, we ask that you be patient with the agent as they do their best to provide you with a good report.


Can I get comps on commercial properties?


We did try offering Commercial Comps Reports in the first 2 years of our service but because many agents feel unqualified to run them, we were not always able to provide a quality Commercial Comps report to our clients. Because of this issue and because we strive to delivery only quality reports, we have removed the Commercial Comps pricing option from our list of services.

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