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We Need Agents! You Need Customers! Join Our Comps Service, Free

Created by 2 Sisters in the Real Estate Business . . .

Having been real estate investors, mentors and speakers all over the US, and having worked with thousands of home buyers, sellers and real estate agents, we were always hearing the same questions.

Home buyers and sellers were always asking, "Where can I order home value comps online?" We always had to tell them that there was no place online for them to order actual MLS comps from a local agent.

Real estate agents were always asking, "How can I find local home buyers and sellers who are serious without paying an arm and a leg for leads?" And our answer to them was that it takes time, hard work and LOTS of marketing to find customers who may or may not be serious about buying or selling a property.

Then it occurred to us . . .

Why don't we create a complimentary business model that would benefit everyone?


And that's how Real Estate Comps Today was born. We now have a National Network of Real Estate Agents that covers every market in the U.S.

We provide a service where home buyers, sellers and investors can order their comps online for a nominal fee by filling out a short order form.

One of our agents in the area of the property then runs the comps report and sends it directly to the customer usually within 1 business day and offering further assistance.

This simple service works well for the customers because it is so convenient. They don't have to worry about calling around to find an agent.

And it works well for agents because they are able to easily build relationships with new customers who are serious enough to pay for comps. Agents never have to pay a referral fee. It's completely free to sign-up!

High Demand . . .

This long needed service is so popular that we are growing fast! We need more agents.


If you are an agent interested in building better customer relationships, sign-up to our National Network of Real Estate Agents to start getting your free leads today!

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