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Use Neighborhood Comps for an Accurate House Value

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Nothing beats real neighborhood comps for an accurate house value. Using online value estimation sites like Zillow can be tempting. But are they accurate?

Sites like these are not using real MLS comps and the expertise of a local agent. They are using public data and algorithms. That is why their values are always so different from each other.

Besides a costly appraiser, only a Realtor who knows the neighborhood can give you an accurate value on your home. This is because the artificial unintelligence of an algorithm doesn't understand all of the variances of a neighborhood, its market and the differences between its properties features and conditions like a local real estate agent would.

No other house value website today offers real MLS comps from a national network of real estate agents like ours.

Nowhere else online can you order real comps from anywhere in the US. Our agents will fulfill your comps order within about one day.

Read our blog articles to learn more about how to estimate a precise house value from sold comps in your neighborhood. And order your comps today from our fast and convenient Order Page. It only takes 2 minutes.

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