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Top 10 Features to Sell Your House Faster

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Great kitchen features will sell your house faster.

Do you want to get the best value for your home and sell it quickly? If so, you need to understand what buyers want. These are the top 10 features today’s homebuyers are looking for and how you can use them to increase your home’s value.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have been popular for a long time and this particular trend is showing no signs of changing. True hardwood flooring can be costly, however, at $6 to $22 per square foot. Unless hardwood is standard in your price range, opt for engineered wood or laminate plank flooring to get the look of hardwood at a lower price.

More Outlets

Older homes weren’t designed with modern devices in mind and today’s buyers are frustrated with having nowhere to plug their gadgets in. Installing a single electrical outlet isn’t expensive, but installing multiple ones can add up. Focus outlet additions on high-traffic areas such as kitchens and home offices to make the most of your money.

Laundry Rooms

One of the top features that today’s buyers say they want is a dedicated laundry room. Unfortunately for sellers, adding a laundry room can be pretty expensive. You’ll save money by installing a washer and dryer near existing utility lines. The basement is usually the cheapest option, but an upstairs laundry closet with a fold-out table is also economical and may be more popular with buyers who don’t want to haul laundry downstairs.

Luxurious Master Baths

Most sellers try to avoid bathroom remodels, as this room has a reputation for being among the most expensive rooms in the house. However, updating the master bath doesn’t have to bankrupt you if you remember that materials account for 30 to 40 percent of bathroom remodeling costs.

By sticking to mid-range materials rather than splurging on high-end touches, sellers can save big.

Take shower doors for example: While a budget shower door costs around $300, a luxury door can exceed $3,000! Similarly, while a basic bathtub may be cost effective, a spa tub could run you $8,000.

To save, choose mid-range fixtures and use inexpensive touches like hardware, lighting, and wainscoting to create a high-end feel.

Stainless Steel or Black Appliances

The bathroom isn’t the only room with an expensive reputation. Luckily, most sellers don’t need a major overhaul to get their kitchen up to standard. However, if your kitchen has outdated appliances, it’s worth updating them to stainless steel, black stainless, or black matte models.

Walk-In Pantries

If your kitchen is maxed out on space, you may be wondering how you can possibly add a walk-in pantry. Rather than knocking down walls to create space for a pantry, increase kitchen storage by building recessed cabinets into existing kitchen walls.

Statement Light Fixtures

An eye-catching light fixture is a smart way to add personality to your home. Statement lights are especially at home in the kitchen, where an industrial pendant or modern chandelier complements metal and stone finishes.

Energy-Efficient Features

From tankless water heaters to water-conserving toilets, green home features are popular with buyers both for the eco-friendliness and the cost savings. There’s no need to replace appliances that are in good condition, but if they’re due for replacement, opt for ENERGY STAR-certified appliances. Water-saving plumbing fixtures are another budget-friendly way you can appeal to eco-conscious homebuyers.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The line between indoor and outdoor living continues to blur as homebuyers search for homes with patios, decks, and other outdoor living features. While installing a fully-functional outdoor kitchen is unlikely to pay off in all but the most high-end of markets, installing a pergola, fireplace, and outdoor lighting is an economical way to give your backyard the wow factor.

No-Fuss Landscaping

Today’s buyers want a beautiful landscape, but they don’t want to spend their weekends on yard work. That’s why low-maintenance landscaping ranks high on buyers’ wishlists.

While it’s possible to take xeriscaping too far, there are lots of ways sellers can increase their yard’s beauty without increasing its maintenance. Try installing perennials, low-maintenance groundcover and hardscape features like patios and walkways.

Updating your house to appeal to buyers is a smart move, but it is possible to overdo it. By sticking with budget-friendly improvements, sellers can give buyers what they want without spending money that won’t pay off.

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