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2 Utah Sisters Take on Zillow & Chase Home Value Estimator Giants

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Sisters Jan Kerr and Lori Greene


2 Utah Sisters Take on Home Value Estimator Giants

After years of complaints from their real estate investing students on the inaccuracy of home value estimator sites, sisters Jan Kerr and Lori Greene created, an unconventional site where consumers anywhere in the US can order Local MLS House Value Comps without calling a realtor directly.

March 12, 2019 - HUNTSVILLE, Utah

What makes Real Estate Comps Today so unique from instant home value tools like Zillow Zestimate and Chase Home Value Estimator is their use of local realtors who live in the area of the property being valued.

Because of their 20 year background in real estate as investors, mentors and speakers, Lori and Jan realized they already had a built-in network of agents who could fulfill their comps orders nationwide. Their National Network of Agent Volunteers is now expanding rapidly with new agents requesting to join the network everyday.

The sisters believe that the accuracy of the company’s comps reports is because agents have personal insights about the neighborhood and the condition of the properties that the databases and algorithms of instant home value sites could never know.

The company maintains it has raised the bar on the quality of comps reports nationwide.

After spending nearly two decades in the industry, the sisters learned first-hand what kind of information and content they needed to see in a quality comps report. In order to make informed decisions about a real estate investment, they had to have certain facts and data.

But often the reports they and their students got were lacking in enough specific detail to be as helpful as they should be. So they had to go back and ask for more information from the agents providing those reports nearly every time.

While forming Real Estate Comps Today, Lori & Jan made a list of the specific facts they felt should be included in an In-Depth Full CMA Report (Comparative Market Analysis).

The company now includes that list in their instructions to their agents with every order to ensure that their customers are getting all of the information essential for anyone who has an important decision to make about a real estate transaction.

Our reports are so detailed that we are even getting orders from lenders who tell us they prefer our reports over the comps reports they get from their appraisers. We consider that quite a compliment!”, says Jan Kerr, Operations & Fulfillment Manager of Real Estate Comps Today.

Our agents follow our instructions on the content we require in order to work with us. That is why we get 5 star reviews on our reports and customer service!”

In addition, Real Estate Comps Today management personally inspects every comps report to ensure quality and they offer one-on-one phone consultations for a more in-depth property value analysis. This commitment to accuracy and personalized customer service is the main force driving customers from instant house value giants to the sisters’ fresh business model.

Can you imagine over-paying or losing tens of thousands of dollars on a real estate transaction because an instant website value was that far off? It’s a scary thought.”, says Lori Greene, Co-Founder & CEO of Real Estate Comps Today.

We tell customers to Take the Accurate Home Value Challenge by doing a test on their own home with 5 or more sites like Zillow and Chase Home Value Estimator. You may be shocked at the wide range of results you get. The only way to get accurate house values is to use a real estate agent who really knows the area.

To our knowledge, no one else online has a service like this, where we facilitate consumers every step of the way in getting quality comps from a local agent and on a national scale.”

About Real Estate Comps Today

An online service assisting real estate consumers with finding accurate house values nationwide. The company also offers education and one-on-one consultations on house value analysis as well as discount memberships for frequent users.

To learn more about Real Estate Comps Today, please visit:

Media Contact:

Lori Greene (435) 720-3147 (cell)

Jan Kerr (435) 723-2086 (office)

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